Marlene Veltre

Hello, I would like to help you change your lifestyle.

The Simple Seven is education-based. I’ve done the work of sorting through the sometimes conflicting health information so you don’t have to. The human body is intelligently designed to keep you healthy. I empower you with information that will change your lifestyle and get and stay healthy with ease.

Topics include:

  • Dispelling misinformation about food about diet.

  • Obtaining fitness without going to the gym.

  • Permanently losing weight relying on the body’s natural, built-in intelligence.

  • Preventing chronic illnesses and diseases by virtue of lifestyle.

  • Understanding the commonality among stress, addiction, and mental health problems — and healing them.

  • Detoxing — a natural part of the body’s functioning — the safe, effective way.

Formerly, an executive, software engineer, and mathematician, I approach the workings of the human body as an elegant, integrated system. A former university instructor, I present complex information in a way that is easy to learn and understand. A breast cancer survivor, I have experienced having a major illness and recovering from it — and going on to attain and sustain vibrant health.

I can provide all the resources that you need to get started. Are you ready to begin?