If you feel short on time and knowledge, The Simple Seven can quickly transform your health and wellness.


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With a dozen years of research, knowledge, and practical experience, Marlene can help you fast-track your health and wellness goals one-on-one with the personalized Full Circle Program. Or permanently change your lifestyle spending less than 10 minutes a day with the self-paced 28-day Program.

the method

Let go of what’s bothering you. The Method is an effective tool for stress management, emotional healing, personal growth, and spiritual development. Choose from 75-minute facilitated sessions or learn how to use The Method on your own. Clients say The Method is freeing and changes are immediate.


The books, The Simple Seven, and Feel Good, Do The Method, are the foundation for The Simple Seven practice. These comprehensive health and wellness reference books are good options for those who wish to learn on their own. Paperback and ebooks are available on all the popular online book platforms.


Marlene Veltre

Hello! Would you like to live more healthfully but feel short on time and knowledge? I can help.

The Simple Seven practice is based on education. I’ve done the work of sorting through the sometimes conflicting health information so you don’t have to. I empower people with information that enables them to make suitable lifestyle choices. Topics range from understanding about fat to preventing Type II diabetes to overcoming stress to detoxing the safe, effective way.

A former executive and engineer, I approach the workings of the human body as a complex system. A former university instructor, I provide information in a way that’s easy to learn and understand. A former breast cancer patient, I understand how challenging health problems can be.

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