Do you want to live more healthfully but feel short on time and knowledge?

The Simple Seven can quickly transform your health and wellness. The Simple Seven contains seven Body Basics that seamlessly blend into your day and don’t require a big investment of time, money, and effort.

Things like:

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Eating foods that you love — including fat, such as avocados — as long as it’s fresh.

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Riding your bike, shooting hoops, or dancing — doing what you enjoy — instead of going to the gym.

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Laughing and loving to relieve stress.


The Simple Seven explains the why and how of vibrant health.

The human body is brilliantly designed to keep you healthy — but your lifestyle is key. Based on a dozen years of research and backed by science, The Simple Seven helps your body get what it needs.

What are the seven Body Basics? Here is a sampling

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People often follow rigid diets that are full of rules. Most diets come and go. Despite their claims, diet is not one size fits all. Most diets do not — cannot — account for differences in one’s genes, state of health, or nutritional needs. Schedules, budgets, or food availability. Personal preferences or even cultural traditions. But diet — the word — just means which foods we eat regularly to obtain nutrients. So, don’t think of it as “following a diet” but rather a way of getting all your nutrients through your diet. The purpose of diet is to choose foods to regularly eat that will provide you with needed nutrients.

 from the Eat Chapter, The Simple Seven

“I’m a bit of a nutrition nerd myself and found the author’s advice practical and sound — but I still learned a lot of new things that I’m excited to put into practice!”
— Cristina W., Tucson, Arizona

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[We believe] that “going to the gym”… is the only way of getting fit. Why? Because medical research talks about it. But that’s only because exercise research is conducted in a gym, not in a dance studio or on a basketball court. Dancing and shooting hoops are also beneficial forms of exercise. [Another] misconception is that the true measure of physical fitness involves having big, “cut” muscles, six-pack abs, low body fat, and marathon running. Why? Because that’s what the fitness industry promotes. Which really isn’t a hard sell. In truth, many of us want to look buff and push our bodies to the limit. But are these things required for physical fitness? No.

from the Move Chapter, The Simple Seven

“I’ve read many health-related books and publications over the years, being in the fitness industry, and when I found Marlene Veltre’s book, I was thrilled to find a solid source for overall wellness which distills a vast amount of well-researched information into bite-size chunks anyone can apply to daily living.”
— Aliza A., NASM CPT, CES, Los Angeles, California

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Weight Loss

We’ve long known the formula for losing weight and keeping it off. It involves diet and exercise, and the idea is this: Take in only the number of calories your body needs (diet) + burn excess body fat (exercise). It’s a sound formula, but we don’t like to follow it because it takes time and it’s hard to do — rather, we make it hard to do [starving ourselves and over-exercising]. It’s no wonder we look for quick and easy weight loss solutions. The multibillion dollar weight loss industry is itself a failed attempt at quick and easy solutions that are [unpleasant, tedious, deceptive, harmful, expensive, and painful]… If we look closely, the weight loss formula involves two of the Body Basics. Weight loss isn’t hard after all — and, using the Body Basics, it can be permanent.

from the Look Good Chapter, The Simple Seven

It seems like every month there is a new documentary on what we should and should not consume. Science, media and popular thought is ever changing and confusing. This book cuts through the jargon with logical and common sense advice.
— Tracey H., Los Angeles, California

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By now everyone is aware of the link between stress and disease – high blood pressure, stroke, cancer. But did you know this? According to the American Medical Association: Stress is a factor in more than 75 percent of all illness and disease. That’s a significant statistic. And grim. Name almost any illness or disease and stress will be a factor. Moreover, because stress is so damaging to the body, regardless of the other healthy things we may be doing — eating fresh food, staying hydrated, moving vigorously, getting enough restful sleep, taking a few deep breaths, and clearing our bowels daily — stress can override the gain.

from the Feel Chapter, The Simple Seven

I’m a retired family psychologist and still people I know come to me for help now and then, and I prescribe this book to them. Marlene Veltre’s “Method” is simply written and straightforward, thus easy to practice.Rita H., M.S., MFT, Los Angeles, California
— Rita H., M.S., MFT, Los Angeles, California

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Embrace your vanity! — if that will motivate you to get and stay healthy. For the quality of your physical appearance is a reflection of your state of health. Good health = a beautiful, youthful, lean you.

from the Look Good Chapter, The Simple Seven

[Marlene Veltre] is very good at explaining how our systems function and makes the connections between why we might not be feeling or looking so great, but more importantly what we can do to reverse what’s not working inside and out.
— Carol B., Atina, Italy