The Method is a technique that helps you let go of what’s bothering you

The sort of thing that comes up in the day-to-day. Situations that happen at work, in your relationships, or with your finances. It can be anything. Nothing is too big or too little.

The Method is a priceless tool for anyone either working with a professional or on their own, when exploring their emotions and reactions to the world around them.
— Sylvia Montesinos, psychiatrist/MD

It begins with this: Something happened, it’s bothering you, and you can’t let it go.

At work

Ever since your boss came down on you in the department meeting, you’ve been feeling down. You’ve worked so hard on your project, and your boss doesn’t seem to recognize it.

in a relationship

You had a fight with your partner over what to have for dinner. You’re angry because you two always seem to do what your partner wants to do.

with your finances

You’re frustrated because you’ve had yet another unexpected expense. You’re tired of coming up short, and it seems like you can’t get ahead financially.


What happened could have happened anytime

It could have happened just now or a few hours ago. Yesterday, last week, or last month. Even last year or years ago.

You keep thinking about it

You may think about it a lot — obsessing, ruminating, and repeatedly analyzing what happened. Or a little — just enough to make you feel uneasy or agitated. In your quiet moments, it creeps back into your thoughts.

You don’t want to think about it

You try to push it out of your mind or brush it off as nothing. You tell yourself that you’re being weak, silly, or acting like a child. You believe that you should toughen up and get a thick skin.

No matter what, you can’t let it go

But whatever is bothering you, no matter when it happened or how much or little you think about it or don’t want to think about it — no matter how hard you try — you can’t let it go.

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But you need to let it go

For your peace of mind

Because you don’t need to suffer or carry around the pain anymore.

for your health

Because it’s stressful and that’s affecting your health. Stress is a factor in at least 75% of illness and disease. Chronic stressing circulates stress chemicals in your body that are damaging over time.

for your life

Because you need to move on and create a rich, full life.

The Method is a technique that helps you let go of what’s bothering you.


The Method is an effective tool for stress management, emotional healing, personal growth, and spiritual development

Because The Method helps with day-to-day stressing, it can be thought of as a stress management tool. But it’s more than that.

The Method is also a tool for emotional healing. For example, it can help you move on when you’re going through a breakup. Letting go of what’s bothering you can help build your self-confidence and self-esteem, advancing your personal growth. Letting go can even enhance your spiritual journey, if you would like to open your heart to more peace, joy, and higher love.


How does it work? 


It has to do with the Feel Body Basic and not letting go. What we’re holding onto are painful feelings.

At the heart of emotional suffering is buried emotional pain. Everyone buries painful feelings from time to time. It’s more common than you think. We do it for self-preservation, so we can get on with our day, with our lives. It happens automatically. We don’t even realize that we do it. 

Often, it begins in childhood — developmentally, a time when we don’t yet understand how to process our feelings. Then it can become a habit — or a method for survival, when a child experiences trauma or abuse. Over time, unresolved pain can build up and express itself in physical and emotional symptoms and suffering.

It turns out that buried painful feelings from the past are the source of what’s bothering us now. The Method uncovers buried painful feelings. The good news is, once the pain is uncovered, it’s gone for good.

You can use the Method anytime, anyplace. All you need are paper, a pen, and a quiet space and time. The Method is a tool that can be learned and used for life.


The Method is effective with addiction and recovery and mental health problems

Buried pain is also at the heart of addiction and mental health problems. Buried emotional pain surfaces with a trigger — something happened — triggering an addictive response and mental health problems.

 Stress  •  Anxiety  •  Depression  •  Negative Thinking  •  Addiction  •  Trauma  •  Abuse  •  Paranoid Thinking  •  OCD 

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The Method is available in three ways

Private sessions

Marlene Veltre has been facilitating The Method since 2013. Private sessions last up to 90 minutes. For maximum effectiveness, sessions are conducted over the phone.


Marlene Veltre developed The Method in 2013 when she was writing The Simple Seven bookShe wanted to provide readers with a tool that they could use on their own. The Method is also presented standalone in the book, Feel Good, Do The Method.


Workshops are available if you would like to learn how to master using The Method on your own.


Clients say that The Method is freeing and changes are immediate

I really enjoyed my session with Marlene and this method of investigating personal patterns, history and how your mind and body perceive experiences. I found it illuminating and thought provoking to work through a situation with her support, guidance and prompting. I am grateful to have a new set of tools I can use to avoid getting ‘stuck’ and to proactively be able to move forward with grace, insight and empowerment.
— A.W., actress, 39, Los Angeles, CA
In one session, I figured out that my fear of parking in crowded parking lots (which was so intense that it would make me leave) was tied to a fear of financial insecurity, not of crowded spaces. Letting go of this fear gave me confidence in other areas of my life.
— M.M., retired nurse, 58 , Poland, Ohio
I initially began using The Method to try and understand the deep discomfort I felt during a period of unemployment and the general confusion I had about my career path. Though I had struggled to find work before, this time I found the anxiety and profound negativity was paralyzing and I was unable to move forward despite being familiar with the job search process.

By the end of the first session, I had discovered that growing up during the AIDS epidemic in New York City in the 1980’s had a profound impact on the way I viewed the world and my ability to trust not only those around me, but also trust in logic and justice. The trauma caused by witnessing so much pain and suffering while being far too young to comprehend the situation led me to create cognitive and emotional barricades that, though they kept me from fully experiencing the pain at that time, were now so deeply embedded that they were causing me to live my adult life in fear.

The outpouring of emotions after my first session practicing The Method surprised me. I had vivid dreams and found that the more I thought about my uncovered trauma, the more I was able to dig deeper into other emotional issues that were causing me distress. I also felt more compassion towards myself and for the people and situations that had shaped me.

I highly encourage any individuals experiencing personal or emotional stagnation to seek out The Method. By exposing our deep trauma, we can experience catharsis and move on from pain. When we have released our hold on embedded coping mechanisms, we can begin to rebuild our core self and embrace new potentials and possibilities.
— C.G., Chef, 32, Albuquerque, New Mexico
I decided to try The Method in the middle of a very difficult year. Personally, my life felt emotionally exhausting and unsafe. Professionally, my life felt unfulfilled and I was unhappy in my job because of a particularly abusive colleague. Globally, I was overwhelmed by the turns of politics and events. Overall, I’d fallen into the deepest depression I’d experienced in my life, and I felt hollow and unable to tap into my emotions or find a way toward healing. I’d made a few attempts to find a therapist, but each time I did, recommended therapists were not taking clients and I felt more alone and frustrated. I’m a long-time proponent of personal wellness and keeping tabs on my mental health to make sure I was doing regular maintenance, but I felt like I’d let things get out of control.

Then I found The Method, and Marlene. Marlene created a safe space to try The Method. Her demeanor is welcoming, calming, and full of love. She made me feel safe and encouraged to make my way through The Method and she helped me feel with full confidence I would come through the process in a better place. I did.

At the end, I felt free of the incident that kept creeping into my thoughts and interrupting my sleep. I felt clear, and for the first time in many months, I felt hope. I know that one step at a time, with Marlene’s support, I can use The Method to cleanse my spirit of the traumas and toxicity that weigh me down, and make my way into my light. The Method is a gift, and Marlene is a safe, kind, gentle, capable, person who creates a space of safety and comfort while facilitating The Method. For anyone who feels sadness, anger, nagging, frustration, or any negativity about any experience, I highly recommend using The Method. It restores hope.
— A. C. B., Humanitarian Nonprofit Organizations, 28, Los Angeles, California