Permanently change your lifestyle with ease

The Simple Seven programs work to change your lifestyle by seamlessly blending the 7 Body Basics into your day. Following a Simple Seven program doesn’t require making lists, adding items to your calendar, or tracking results on an app. The programs gradually incorporate the 7 Body Basics into your day and allow you to track your results by simply checking in on how you look and feel.

28 day Challenge

A fun and easy way to permanently change your lifestyle. A self-paced health and wellness program that can be learned in less than ten minutes a day and integrated into your daily routine in as little as 28 days. Suitable for individuals, groups, and organizations.

Coming soon, the 28 day challenge in a book!

Full Circle Program

A personalized, one-on-one program that brings your health and wellness full circle. Tailored to your lifestyle and personal preferences, your plan will lead you to your highest, most vibrant health in the simplest and most enjoyable way. Consultations are conducted over the phone for individuals. Workshops are available for groups and organizations.

Coming soon, the Full Circle Program in a book!

○  Balances your body and revives its magnificence

○  Finds and maintains your natural body size effortlessly

○  Increases your energy and vitality

○  Reveals your natural beauty and restores youthfulness

○  Boosts your immune system and prevents illness

○  Promotes inner peace and emotional well-being

Marlene takes a whole-body approach. She kindly and gently guided me through fine-tuning my diet, hydrating differently, changing my daily habits, teaching me a technique to help me deal with the roots of my daily and emotional stresses, and guiding me through a series of natural detoxes. Throughout Marlene has been kind, gentle, honest, and super supportive. She is always open and available. She is thoughtful, listens carefully and worked hard to tailor her recommendations to me and my lifestyle.
— C.M., 47, Creative Director, Atlanta, GA