Health Hasn't Been Simple, But It Can Be

Today, you’ll hear a perspective on why health hasn’t been simple, and how it can be. You’ll learn why health is so confusing, namely that health information is constantly changing, everybody has an opinion, and research has known problems, with an analysis of The Seven Countries study and the latest research that supports why cholesterol and saturated fat are health promoting. You’ll also learn about epigenetics, a field of biology, that supports why lifestyle can override your genes.

Happy Birthday to My Healthy 87 year-old Mother!

My mother turns 87 today and she’s in terrific health! Knock on wood, she doesn’t have or has ever had any major illnesses, and she isn’t on any medications. In today’s world, that’s unheard of. She’s strong and vital and has always looked ten or twenty years younger. She’s taken good care of herself and it’s paid off. Join me as I honor my mother and share about her vibrant health on this day, her 87th birthday.

Why Eating Healthy Is The Start, Not A Guarantee, Of Obtaining Nutrients

Obtaining vibrant health begins with eating healthy — eating fresh food, which is food that comes straight from the land or seas. But eating fresh food is only the start, not a guarantee, of your body obtaining the benefit of the nutrients in the fresh food. There are two factors to consider: 1. How well your body digests food and 2. The health of your intestinal tract. Learn the science that discusses the process of the body breaking down food and assimilating nutrients.

There's More To Anxiety Than Meets The Eye

When we think about anxiety, we tend to think of it as having one root cause. Perhaps that’s because we think of anxiety in physiological terms, as having one set of physical symptoms. But there can be any number of reasons for our anxiety and it will differ from one person to the next. It always begins with a thought, which can be conscious or unconscious. Unconscious thoughts pose the greater problem. Learn how this can happen and how anxiety can be uncovered and released using a technique that is designed to let go of whatever is bothering you.

Overdoing Healthy Things Can Be Unhealthy

Do you sometimes overdo healthy things? It’s easy to do. It’s exciting when you hear about a compelling, new idea. The idea in and of itself may be beneficial, but overdoing it usually is not. In part, overdoing it has to do with some of our common attitudes that include “All or Nothing” thinking. Instead of “Less is more,” “More is more.” And” No pain, no gain.” And yet, that’s not how the human body is designed to work. Learn about the science that supports why overdoing healthy things can be unhealthy.