Eat Vegetables Really Fresh


Like most kids, I didn't like vegetables. When I was five, my grandmother tried to entice me to eat lettuce by spreading mayonnaise on iceberg lettuce. It almost worked. :)

Fast forward to years later when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. By then, I liked vegetables a little more. It wasn't until I was recovering from cancer and eating really fresh vegetables that I made the connection between "freshness" and nutrients and flavor. Today, if I don't eat enough vegetables every day, I feel cheated by the food I eat and I feel pretty awful.

So, with vegetables, the key is to eat really fresh vegetables, what I refer to as "fresh food". Food that comes straight from the land and seas. This is true of all food, animal, as well.

Today's salad: raw (unpasteurized) cheese, tender baby spinach, sweet peppers, and strong onion topped with avocado salad dressing (avocado, ginger root, dried coriander, Himalayan pink salt, blended together with a little water).

Flavor breakdown: The fat in the cheese and avocado are satisfying and filling; the spinach is tender and cooling; the peppers are sweet; the onion is strong! providing a nice contrast; the ginger provides a fresh kick; the salt and coriander delicately enhance the flavor overall.

Health and nutritional breakdown: cheese made with unpasteurized milk contains the enzyme lactase that is needed to digest the lactose in milk and cheese is high in vitamin D; onions are prebiotics, or food for probiotics, and anti-microbial; spinach is high in nerve-calming magnesium; peppers are high in vitamin C; avocados are rich in fiber and beautifying vitamin E; ginger fights cancer; salt kills cold and flu viruses; coriander lowers blood sugar levels.