If you’re feeling short on time and knowledge, The Simple Seven will lead you to vibrant health and wellness — with ease!

The Simple Seven contains seven Body Basics that seamlessly blend into your day and don’t require a big investment of time, money, and effort.


Things like…

Eating food THAT you love

Including fat, such as avocados, as long as it’s fresh.

laughing and loving

To relieve stress.

doing what you love

Riding your bike, shooting hoops, or dancing, instead of going to the gym.

The Simple Seven explains the why and how of vibrant health.

The human body is brilliantly designed to keep you healthy — but your lifestyle is key. Based on a dozen years of research and backed by science, The Simple Seven helps your body get what it needs.


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Workshop on The Method

Learn a technique that will help you let go of what’s bothering you

Where & When: Every Saturday morning from 10am-noon in Venice, CA

Cost: $300, payable by Square

What does it include: A two hour group class plus a free private one hour follow-up phone session (regularly $225)

Additional details: Group class size is limited to 5/6 students

Discounted group rates: For art collectives, teens, and trauma survivors

Pro bono: For the disadvantaged

The beauty of The Method is that you can use it anytime in the privacy of your home and obtain relief from whatever’s bothering you right way. It’s a tool to learn, use, and have for life.

The best thing clients say about The Method is that it’s freeing and changes are immediate.

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